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SHAPE THE BODY provides you with simple, easy to use, mobile and flexible design fitness products for your daily work-out routine, no need for complex trainig equipment to see an effect. Just use our products daily and you will see the effect.

Full-Body Workout

Push it to failure! Only the last three reps count.

Muscle growth and body forming is mostly achieved with the last three reps, the ones which hurt and push it to the limits, just close to failure. Those ones are the important ones. Training of 25 min to these extreme limits, is more worth than 1 hour standard exercising.

Push to the limit
  • Consistency

    You need to do it daily, really daily work-out. No excusess, no skipping. Even if you did not sleep, got late to bed, have to get out early, do it.

  • Intensity

    25 min but intense as hell: push your body to the limits, as many repitions as possible, minimize breaks, only than muscles grow

  • Centering

    Focus within your daily work-out on specifc parts and muscles for a time period to maximize effect

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